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a faith collapsed lyrics – dreamtone


tortured for so long
every second was an age
drifted away within fear
afraid of everything
being alone and being left

do you even know how is it to be
reflected from a broken mirror
everytime you want to touch the vision
it fades ages and ages away
to face our fate alone

for so long the suffering exists
for so long we ve remained
someone please ease our pain

lived until now to fight for freedom
for a thousand time we ‘d hoped to be free
thousands of nightmares haunted our souls
cannot break our chains and run away
we don’t want to live anymore
if this is the “life” they say..

lord promised us a heaven
happiness and joy
we feel so naked
and so alone…
we ve been cheated..

and so the stars rain on us
the sun will never shine again
to remind us of our fate
our hate is eternal and who can say
if it will p-ss away
we came
we lived in pain
and now we will face death
we were in agony
but at last our souls may rest…
in peace

pain pain pain pain
no more tears
pain pain pain pain
no more tears

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