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a heinous honor lyrics – by the sins fell angels


what a f-ckin spineless individual
how could you come to this point
have you no heart patience or virtue

your decisions altered the lives of others
when you lost your grip on life

you took your own life nothing short of a coward
to scared to face your destruction
and all i ask is what it worth it
you lucked and didn’t get to see
to scared to face your destruction

the tears and the mourning was your life all to f-cked
the blood shed of the m-sses and the cries of the
there souls will not be forgotten
but will forever be stained on there hearts

so you lost your job and girl
but life keeps on going
life is a everyday struggle
with its up and downs

we will never be able to understand
maybe one day they’ll be able to forgive
but never forget and in your suicide note you spoke of
being famous
maybe a cheap thrill with an easy way out well innocent
people died by your f-ckin hands

she was clutching a rosary in her trembling hands
asking may god spare us all

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