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a little push lyrics – elliott murphy


i’m a man on a mission
to be kissing you
i need a section of protection
to keep me safe all the way through
i’m a stranger in a strange land
eiffel tower blue

policy of avoidance
avoiding the truth
while my pockets full up
i see change is running loose
travel on a euro train
eiffel tower blue

do you know what i’m asking
i got no trick questions for you
such a touchy subject
will you let me touch you
cross the language barrier
eiffel tower blue

do you know the hour
i haven’t the slightest clue
i know i’m living on borrowed time
and some day i’ll pay it back to you
you’re my banker and my account is due
still i want to thank you
for doing what you do
i’d like to paint you
eiffel tower blue

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