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a makeshift farewell lyrics – distance in embrace


as she suddenly changed her mind
right at dawn, at new daylight
i just mentioned my concern
does this justify her turn?
i dont think that she was far away from luck
she didnt notice what she had got
save your words
theyre not any worth
cowardlineness and lies is not what i deserve
spare me all your alibies
cause now i know that i am never gonna lose you twice
and with tearful and confused confession
i try to convince you and me of my very own perfection
how could i follow your actions?
as you got me by suprise
i cannot see inside your heart
cause bitter tears cover my eyes
hope you miss me when im gone
that noise is what defines my world
silence – for this moment nothing matters
everday i just ran away
everytime i follow my own simple way to salvation
and you are never gonna hurt me twice
just because i never even had the choice

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