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a marine biologist lyrics – darkest of the hillside thickets


doctor, captain t. o. vess. r.v. steadfast bearing west

he’s got a bathyscaphe (tim was the man with the

he’s a marine biologist (tim was the man there was
never any better around). slid with the squid
underneath the waves.

architeuthis lean and fast. show us your sublime buccal

come along to the mesopelagic we can frolic where the
corals abound if the cads with the benthic trawlers
haven’t p-ssed by the time we get down.

collect the specimens and ill-strate ‘em o well as best
as you can

bring ‘em up, lay ‘em out, look ‘em up, write ‘em down,
and you can publish your findings in a peer-reviewed

a keen marine biologist

a mean marine biologist

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