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a missed chance for a meaningful abortion lyrics – dangers


eat sh-t.

none of you have to live with me twenty-four hours a day.
but if you did you’d understand why i am not okay.
i can’t stand ten of ten people that i see.
it’s like this world took a sh-t for a billion years and shat it all right down on me.
the ugly ones, the pretty ones, the ones with all the brains.
inner-city foster kids that dream of false-front hip-hop fame.
liposuction soccer moms.
bar mitzvah birthday boys.
darwin was right until you came along.
how could poor darwin have been so wrong?

kids at shows.
men with in-ear phones.
nra boys.
and fake-n-bake gals.
your daddy didn’t want you.
there was a pinhole in the condom.
f-cks who don’t read.
bands with a guarantee.
monster truck bros.
and f-ck-me-boots ho’s.
your mommy was on the pill but she just forgot one.

spread your legs open so i can ram the
hanger up into your crotch and kill your kids before it’s too late.

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