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a really good time lyrics – roxy music



you´re heard enough
of the blues and stuff
you´re pretty swell now
´cause you´re pretty tough
but i don´t have to tell you
how hard it can be to get by
you never bothered
about anyone else
you´re well educated
with no common sense
but love – that´s one thing
you really need to get by
all your troubles
come from yourself
n-body hurts you
– they don´t care
just as long as you show them
a really good time
all the things
you used to do
a trip to the movies
a drink or two
they don´t satisfy you
they don´t tell you anything new
you know i don´t talk much
except to myself
´cause i´ve not much to say
and there´s n-body else
who´s ready and willing
and able to know me – i guess
listen to me
i´m not finished yet
there´s something to tell you
that i can´t forget
just have a really good time
there´s a girl
i used to know
her face is her fortune
she´s got a heart of gold
she never goes out much
but boy – when she does
then you know
she´s got no money
well, maybe a dime
but she knows what she´s worth
and that´s reason why
she´s gonna make it
she´s got what it takes
you´ll appreciate that
she´s probably late
but i know
and you know
we all know
she´ll have a really good time

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