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a requiem in remembrance of her ghost lyrics – dead elizabeth


on burdened scaffolds stood an insurgent above contrary
virgin ground
the embodiment of hecate as she watched the sun go down
and in the public censure of the demonic young girls
admonishing eyes gave to her their sins in a veil of
and as the beast of virtue lowered her head to weep
she bequeathed upon the virgin ground an ocean at their
so that whence the sun did rise again, god’s lambs
could surely swim
through their own hypocrisy, the sin that dwells within
kill the wh-r- then we kill much more of what lies in
us in secrecy
and sweet hannah, be you jesus, the martyr of pure
the burning felt twixt her porcelain thighs would
ignite the fire that would consume her
and with them would go their own l-st, though the
injustices would mature
and when ripe would emerge as a hole through scorned
hearts, the ever revered mark of hannah
whose impiety lead to her earthly depart
the throng rebuked her as the devil’s slave, though
they cowered in fear of her bravery
and what’s worse, they did not realize that they too
were wh-r-s but in god’s slavery
sweet hannah, holiest of all, for in the flames
enveloping her flesh
she broke light through what even god could not, the
resonant night’s darkness
cursed by satan and god alike for she could not be
blindly led
from that night on her soul would linger stained
l-stfully blood-red
and in the eternity made light by ripe truth, hannah
carried the sins of her -ss-ssins
and her faith stayed proud through the thickening wood
where the dissenters held midnight dances
that night the black smoke ascended
as the holy men cried out, blood for l-st, blood for
so their own might be drowned out
and in the blackest caverns, the improper cast down
their humble eyes
for the one and only sweet hannah, jesus in a wh-r-s

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