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a solitary moment lyrics – dreamlike horror


a solitary moment

the story now begins straight right from the end, into the empty room a body lays over the bed, waking up one morning tears which wet her eyes, facing now the fear she always wanted to deny

“i will depart into the dreamy slumber, my lonely journey into my secret chamber, leaving emotions, abandoning fears, i’ll miss you when i am gone, i’ll write it in a letter my dear”

“my past lives now are before my eyes projecting scenes for my blind eyes
i relive every sensation, every frustration, every emotion
i cherish my mortality but this is time to say goodbye”

“without sensations enslaving me i will now liberate my ego, my spirit will fly high, fly high, higher than an eagle”

“even this circle has come to an end for a new circle of time has to begin
i wonder how many worlds i will see if my lost friends i’ll meet again
and head up high i move forward to my next destination”
there she walks straight into her tub, into the silver mirror a reflection of herself, one last bath with flowers before she slips away
leaving now her mortal life, her poems will live in her name.

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