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a time such as this lyrics – phillips craig & dean


for a time such as this
we’ve been born, we’ve been blessed
long before time began
we were in the father’s plan
by his love, by his will
he would see the dream fulfilled
by the blood of his own son
we are free, we are one

and we will rise and face the darkness
we will shine his holy light
we will live to love the hopeless
we will lift the cross of christ
we will raise the flag of freedom
for his blood is our defense
he has called us, for a time
a time such as this

for a son far from home
for a child who cries alone
for a life on the line
barely a man, too young to die
for a world such as this
jesus dies, jesus lives
look around, see his face
the time is now, seize the day


this is the moment we have lived for
destiny is waiting beyond the open door

[chorus 2x]

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