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a zit named saddam lyrics – steve lieberman


verse 1
i had a zit named saddam
a sc-mbag like its namesake
who exactly one year ago
was impaled on the gallow’s stake

verse 2
had a zit named ben-z-r
hurt me like all the girls do
so i sent out my suicide bombers
that little sucker was through

hey, ok i went crazy
my zits are leaders of the mid east
gives me something constructive to to
til my frickin’ darkcycles cease

verse 3
had a zit named manesseh
let all the innocent blood flow
attcked him from both sides, man
where’d that little f-cker go?

verse 4
had a zit named raamses
like its namesake, a real sc-mbag
here, take this you mighty pharoah dude
and that sucker, he started to sag

from the alb-m, “psych ward”(2008)

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