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aaron the afterthought astronaut lyrics – fishboy


in the course of events that we lose each other
let’s meet in the back yard in the one week time
in the corse of events the back yard is flooded
let’s find the nearest spot thats dry
in the corse of events the whole city is covered
let’s find a place that rents paddle boats
in the corse of events all the boats have sunken
let’s call each other on the phone
and if all the phones are off the hook
i’ll get out a sky writing book
and remember the lessons that i once took
to surprise you on your twenty first birthday
i wrote in the sky “everything will be ok”
and i meant it on that day like i mean it on this day
just as long as we’re sticking to the back up plan

at this point in my life only two things matter
one becoming an astronaut
two its you my dearest ava
you are the only thing i’ve got
our neighbor adrian built a rocket
hes a master of everything that flies
i’ll sneak in his back yard jump in and launch it
we owe it to ourselves to try

but it’s like a cartwheel that lasts two weeks
or the roaring sound of a thousand bees
having your gone and not next to me
in the course of events that this plans a failure
pray to god we don’t lose each other
cause i don’t think i could ever find another

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