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addicted lyrics – eric solomon


don’t you stop it don’t you stop it now

it’s so hypnotic what you do to me
i just can’t seem to let go
caught in a trance and i can’t get free
you’re calling me to the floor
i get hooked when you drop a needle in the groove
you make my body shake shake i can’t help but move

you’re quite the spectable
what can i doooo

you got me addicted
i left my heart out on the floor
i’m all twisted
the music’s got me begging for more
i come alive (come alive) while you kill me here
don’t let it die (let it die) if the end is near
i raise ‘em high (raise ‘em high) cause i have no fear
you got me addicted (ohh) addicted (ohh)

i’ve never felt this way before
you’ve go tme under your control
it’s like my body’s got a mind of its own
you must be supernatural



what can i do what can do
when i need you now (need you now)
what can i do what can do
when i got to have it now


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