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adrenochrome lyrics – sisters of mercy


we’ll turn away in a p-ssive decision
we’ll take the steps through the unmarked door
a look back for another collision
but the boys of the spires

are boys no more
not black and red boys
frightened by the night
by the catholic monochrome

the catholic girls now
stark in their dark and white
dread in monochrome
the sisters of mercy

high tide
wide eyed
sped on adrenochrome
for the sisters of mercy
filled with

panic in their eyes
dead on adrenochrome
we had the power
we had the sp-ce

we had a sense of time and place
we knew the words
we knew the score
we knew what we were fighting for

for the freedom
the time to choose
but time to think
is time to lose

the signals clash
and disappear
the shade too loud
and the sound unclear

for the
high tide
wide eyed

dread in monochrome
denied in spite
disliked in monochrome

panic in their eyes
dead and monochrome
the sisters of mercy

on adrenochrome
the way is clear
the road is closed

the damage done
and the course
imposed you.

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