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against the wall lyrics – cutting jade


man stands blinded from the truth with his back up against the wall
crowd watches in antic-p-tion wanting him to fall
and i wonder who made him god to say
that he could take a life away from them
now i wonder who made then god to say
that they could take his life away from him

another time another situation but the cost remains the same
people end their lives in frustration
not willing to make a change
now i wonder who took the life away
from living everyday for them

give back my dreams to me
give them back so i can still believe
cause i don’t want to go to bed tonight
cause i don’t want to close my eyes to tight
i don’t want to go to sleep tonight
in case i wake up against the wall

teenage girl scars on her wrists turns away not to cry
i wonder how someone so young could ever want to die
and i feel like i’m turning my back away
to stop myself from going that way
is it wrong?

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