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ain’t it hard lyrics – electric prunes


aint it hard when you go out to have yourself a blowout
and everbody’s bein’ cool
ain’t it hard when you find out your mother was a drop
and she don’t know the golden rule.

well you wake up in the mornin with your eyes on fire
and you go to bed at night wonderin’ who you are.

ain’t it hard when you find out you can’t get to far
and take care of business too
ain’t it hard when you know that there’s no place to go
and dillon done been there too.

well you’re mother’s in the bathroom with acid in her
and there’s no place to go cuz the town’s all dead.


ain’t it hard when you wake-up, yo puttin on yo makeup
so people can’t see your face.
and you walk down the street, tellin’ everyone you meet
just how to win the human race.

you better write yourself a folk song and sing it real
and you better not forget that you’re in the in
you’re in the in crowd baby
yes, in …the…. in crowd.
you’re in the in crowd.

ain’t it hard (3 times)

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