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air lyrics – essence


this night
i never thought it would end
i lie here
and think of you
somehow you screamed
you managed to once say to me
how much you really cared
i don’t know if you know what that means to me
just to hear this words
you said you would never run away
you told me that was yesterday
but tonight you have gone away
don’t you know how i cried for this
i’m so hurt
this feeling
i’ll never get used to somehow
i woke up with this tear
i looked beside me
there was nothing but fear
somehow you said
for always you wanted to be with me
i never cried softly
but hard all the time
just to cover up
you told me that was yesterday
tomorrow’s another day
why do i just care so much
it hurts deep inside
and there is no one here to help me
just to help me
run away from it all
so fast
so fast
i never could love
i never could leave
i never could feel
could feel

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