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alabalaba (woman’a’sexy) lyrics – dr. alban


alabalaba alabalaba ee -eeh (come follow me now)
alabalaba alabalaba a we like s-xy girls
when she put on her sket a mi get s-xy
skirt & blouse a say mi get s-xy
when she put on her shorts a say mi get s-xy
when she wind and go down a say mi get s-xy
open her legs a say mi get s-xy

ala alabalaba
woman’a’s-xy alabalaba alabalaba
i see her moving like a s-xy girl
ala alabalaba ala alabalaba

top quality man say top quality
remember this can’t resist a mi wind mi body you see
drive me crazy mi drive man crazy – drive man crazy
look now how the man crazy
100% a mi say 100% extreme s-x is what mi flex ‘pon the madman
watch me now — watch on the floor
watch the man now lick me from head to toe ee eh!

yah man mi i know – i say woman a s-xy
ala alabalaba
woman a s-xy (listen now)
woman a s-xy (naughty dread)
woman a s-xy (come again man)

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