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all i want is out of here lyrics – daevid allen


i don’t need money & i don’t wanna suck
i don’t speak russian & i don’t need luck
don’t need pleasure & i don’t dig shows
not gonna speak again now til tomorrow

ain’t got nothing to buy, got nothing to sell
not looking for heaven & i been to h-ll
crime and punishment don’t touch me
i gotta judge that don’t live in the city

all i want is out of here

i don’t want power & i don’t need fame
it just don’t matter if you know my name
i’ll take anything – i just don’t care
you don’t know me?
christ you see me everywhere.

hard reallity so what’s that?
peoples think i know where its at.
i work for love and i don’t feel free.
just believe in you inside your ??????

all i want is out of here

rest to come…….

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