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all in a life lyrics – eden’s bridge


i know you’re listening
here in the silence
though you’re not looking at me now
a thousand meanings
here in the silence
i hat it when we are so low
and i’m always happy when it’s over
cause i’ve seen the summer sparkle
burn like the afterglow in your hand
i’ve seen the rain fall softly
down on the sand
i wait for winter whisper
to see the freshness in delight
here in my heart i know it’s all in a life
all in a life

but it’s so special
when the silence
is just a word between us two
the smiles will carry
the bad days over
and that is why i’m here with you
then i’m so happy to be with you

and i’ve watched the storm clouds gather
i’ve felt the coldness of the night
i’ve wondered if it’s really over
but then the sunrise gathers
upon the clouds, i know we’re fine
and that we should be together
all in a life, all in a life

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