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all night long lyrics – delbert mcclinton


(verse 1)
baby, you can call on me
anytime that you feel the need
and i’ll be there in a hurry
giving you the best of me
and baby you know i keep it nice and warm to satisfy
baby you know that i am always hot for you
and if there’s any kinda love that will exemplify
my sweetie, i have got that kinda love times two

boy i’ll do you all night long
do you anyway you want
i will do you all night long
i wanna please you
don’t wanna tease you

(verse 2)
you can melt in my body
and i will slowly melt on you
caress your face in my valley
let me feel the sweetness of you
and baby you know i keep it special each and every time
i never do nothing once and never quite the same
and baby you know if there is anything you want from me
i will supply so you can have it your way


(here’s the vibe)
here’s the vibe, there’s candlelight
as i undress for you, baby
(a sip of wine)
a sip of wine, we take our time
then i undress you, too
(i look at you)
i look at you, you look at me
and then we both embrace
(let nature take its place)
and then we just let nature take its place

chorus & ad-lib until fade…

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