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all or nuthin lyrics – ras kass


all or nuthin, stall the bluffin, won’t let the po-po arrest me
try to hit the deck to bless me
but i’m still broke so i ride like frank & jessie
but they can’t catch me, breakin n-gg-s off like a sawed-off
comin for the fedder man, my millimeter bringin better things
when i pull, like a better bang, so if i have to, i’ma let it rang
gotta handle my functions, but an outcome, i have a somethin
instead of nuthin, haters hold me down
and servin thru a stick up or somethin
now i gotta pick up the pump and let it ride
all or nuthin, step aside, or you can hit the paper big time
you gon murder like strick nine, wit a grip nine, sever b-tch time
’cause i gotta mine, and it’s on

[ras k-ss]
why you c-mmin up short like a million midgets masturbatin
mascaradin as the most murderous madman militia my n-gg- twista told me
monopolize, strategize, maximize, make money to win
wit career sinners intake us, sinners
turn ya hopeless into magenta, quick essential inventor
please, we seizin bees, vl’s and gd’s
got og’s, oz’s, keys for these millionaire momi’s
release your sh-lls, my n-gg-
knew the job was dangerous, when i took it, why’s a player
dark tides, or say on how to walk crooked, look it
gotta sophisticated home
i’m -ss-ssin b-tches that give my shotgun barrel bl-w j-bs
so when the four stickin out like a sore toe thong
it’s no prob, vocally for sure squad, thorough man

[chorus 2x]
gotta up that cash, gotta up that dough
stacks that you can’t flow
kick in the door, we on the floor, come up off a g and 2 hundred mo’
gotta up that cash, gotta up that dough
sh-t, all or nuthin, no bluffin, if i have to, i’m bustin

n-gg- worthless to bones, like nickels to quarters
fallers to shot callers, all of gotta get the paper some how
for the school of the gun style, see me til the cops call us
h-ll brought us, to a situation where we gotta driveby
let the bullets from my nine fly, to murder who you was deprived by
but i admit sometimes if it wasn’t for crime i
try to be, bokin, rollers, while the start keep it low goin, homeless
so i’m hookin up wit ras k-ss, on some sh-t we can stack cash
but if i have to pull back a rag fast, on that -ss n-gg-

[ras k-ss]
he set the streets full wit jackals, racists, crackers and cannibals
so it’s understandable, why i’m half man, half animal
ridin thru in the hood on my elephant like hannibal
see i used to have dreams of f-ckin an r&b b-tch
and i used to dreams of beein 21 and rich
not a twice that bad though, now i’m tryin to be rich by age 25
see shallah survive that new world they pay yo
but you don’t hear me

[chorus 2x]

[ras k-ss]
home boy, my games tight
i could talk the virgin mary outta panties the same night
from a coc–n on the dark side of the moon
the illest n-gg-s existin, i know who you are
fubar, f-cked up beyond all recognition
in the middle of the ghetto i’m buildin a casino
like bugsy siegel employ n-gg-s and latinos,
shootout wit the atf in beemers, for free, see bone, see dough
n-gg- i’m like steve and digo, except i pack sevente cinqo
rowdy, los angelino, you got knocked the f-ck out like deebo

[chorus 2x]

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