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all quiet on 34th street lyrics – dion


while the traffic light blinks

i’m inside and i’m gettin’ a drink

not knowing what awaits me

when i walk outside

i’m tryin’ to score, i got my eye

on some shapely baby by the door

before i get outside

she’s already got my money


try not to take it so hard dude

she a pretty and quick

but she sure wasn’t rude

go back where you came from boys

what you tryin’ to do?

all ouiet on 34th street

you didn’t score but you sure got beat

all ouiet on 34th street

losin’ ain’t fun specially when you cheat

meanwhile back in my room

i’m gettin’ caught up in my own gloom

sleepin’ in a chair

wonderin’ where the h-ll you are

i’m goin’ back down to the bar

gonna ask the man for some liquor in the jar

i ain’t foolin’ n-body but myself

repeat chorus:

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