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alluvial lyrics – revaira


a world consisting of mistakes – every footstep tells an agony. savage behavior – crossing moral boundaries – provokes the seed of life. the lights of the city are p-ssing by. they rush past us on the train of time – become blurred with the silhouettes of the suburban skyline. the imperfect picture of so called perfection – i can barely trust my eyes. and after all i never wanted to grow so old. take me back – take me home to a better place where i can rest. all the streets are full of disease – their bodies as empty as their fallen dreams. all infected with the same mindset. the loneliness will swallow their pride. familiar feelings of a déjà vu mislead my senses. this is not the place i wanted to be. get out of my mind. i am confused – tumbling into nowhere. in the contaminated air contrails forming elusive patterns. a grey veil darkens the sky. my soul gets darker, too

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