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alone in the night lyrics – engelbert humperdinck



slowly time is p-ssing somehow i get bye
keeping myself busy
is my sole occupation
i don’t know
what i’m doing
but it fills my mind
putting off the moment
when i can’t escape you baby.

alone in the night

me and the memory
somebody set me free
from someone who used to be.
a part of my night
woman please let me go
you said godbye

now here i lie
alone in the night.

it’s lucky i got lovin’ friends who come around
eatin’ drinkin’ talkin’
about anything out you love
late night shows in t. v.
when they’ve all gone home
and then i gotta face it i am dyin’ for you baby.

alone in the night …

lonely days are bad enough but come the night
my heart and i can’t fight it

we remember come back we surrender.

alone in the night
woman please let me go you said goodbye

now here i lied alone in the night.

alone in the night …

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