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always safety first lyrics – nrbq


just had a whim, to go take a swim
out on a limb just haul off jump right in
but that’s not so smart and so, i’ll hold on to the rim
ahh, and then i will live to swim again

it’s really neat, to go cross the street
don’t skip a beat just fly on my swifty feet
but i’ll stop before i go, the light will tell me when
ahh, and then i will live to cross again

slow down, buckle up, take the time, and rehe-rs-
always safety first

i’m feeling free, i’ll go climb a tree
oh monkey me, i’m just like a chimpanzee
but it’s way too high and so, this time i’ll just pretend
ahh, and then i will live to climb again

ahh, ahh, ahh just remember
always safety first…

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