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american way lyrics – eviction


t.v. broadcast it every day
violence is the american way
doesn’t it start to make you ill?
watching constant blood spill
prime time television,it’s all the same
who’s killing who & who’s scr-w-ng who
it doesn’t matter,you can watch it in the news
(repeat first verse)


violence-the never-ending cycle
violence-the american way
violence-the never-ending cycle
violence-the american way
killing-stabbed in the back now
violence-the american way
violence-never-ending cycle
violence-the american way

t.v. cop shows is the way
how we live each & every day
killing each other just for fun
can’t stop now,the damage is done
you read it in the paper every day
no matter how hard you wish
it will never fade
violence is here to stay
violence is the american way!!!

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