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an age comes to its end lyrics – fall of the idols


from the times of in arcadia ego
folk mesmerized by the wonders of ratio
but some foresaw the pathway to power
the ancient philosophers stone
the bells of hierarchies
as an age comes to its end…

the law of as above, so below
the shepherds herding man’s fears
strings attached into shadows
calling the hives to unveil the plague
ordo ab chao
as an aeon comes to its end…

-ssimilation of the volition
gullible eyes turned into gl-ss
as habeas corpus is sacrificed
and global panopticon is forged

imagine a boot
stamping on a human face – for ever…

no jesters to hold the mirror
no mirth left to share
all bent down before the pyramid
for lions have come to feast

the beacon, the saviour
has robbed human of it’s will

/ fall of the idols lyrics