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analog 2 lyrics – odd future


[verse 1:]
b-tches think i’m crazy but i’m normal
i just come off as a psycho maniac when i’m performing
that’s an act so i won’t bore you to death
cause i adore you… and it’s the summer so[hook:]
can you meet me by the lake
at the park, or in your room?[verse 2:]
you can bring your b-tches, i’m a bring my n-gg-s
you can practice liking i, i’m a practice that guitar, baby
it’s summer camp golf wang where the talking trees are
you and girls can roll if you[hook][bridge: frank ocean]
if you meet me by the pier, bring the beer, we can menage
ooh, your girl friend nicki gots the back i like to m-ssage
i’ll be in the city with them actresses
the nissan is down there in the bottom of the lake
i’ll make sure you have a good time, a good time
i’ll make sure it’s a good time, a good time for you[hook]
[verse 3:]
love sick, where’s the clinic aid we’re young
fun is what we’re having, f-ck it, pour a gl-ss of lemonade
it’s snowcone and poptarts i got and i got you
let me take a dip and you can take a break
that’s only if you meet me by the lake[outro: frank ocean]
could you meet me by the lake (around ten)[silence][intro: syd tha kyd]
meet me at the lake round ten (come through)
meet me at the lake round ten (it’s cool, wanna kick it)[hook:]
meet me by the lake at ten
if i’m not there just call
and if you need a way there
i’ll ride you on my handle bars[bridge: syd tha kyd]
kissing under moonlight
i can bring you to my tree house
we’ll be f-cking on the rooftop
if you’re not down, we can just make out[hook]

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