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angels with dirty faces lyrics – puff daddy


[bizzy bone]
let it go (let it go) let yourself go
(i was p-ssin til the cops come)
big beef (i was p-ssin til the cops come
ready ready ready ready ready.)
big beefin with the mistress
for the backs of the lions as we growl m-th-rf-cker
we all livin in the last motherf-ckin day this is revalations
if it don’t go down now that mean n-body was wrong
and you face yourself with that question, for the answer..
the f-ck do you believe in?

let’s take a pie to the badguy
zero well where my cateye dadeye
my flavour frame the raddle
hot out, hot out of problem
my alb-m hit the shelves we hustle for record sales
if my n-gg-s stole hear my n-gg-s thirty thousand tales
get me squad cars excetera (excetera) tell me my position as we yell (yell)
this isn’t bullsh-t like pimples in the public
made gratafying
if you don’t like my bullets set h-ll ta pink faction
l.a. lugers start your mad punk
they really got a smash on
and they would probly blast you

[puff daddy]
i’m married to the game and every year’s the same
bullets rain all season
heaven and h-ll is only what you believe in
empty the sh-lls and n-gg-s give you the reason
everyone one’s the type ta be stuckin, duckin and weavin
probly breathin
my stories no fairy tail rich n-gg-s ain’t neva sell [ha ha ha]
from my buck to the world
gave my glock to my girl
don’t mix the kids with the benz
baby it ends if she sells [come on] woofin


[bizzy bone]
ohh playa ohh n-gg-
gotta lot of sh-lls to lock you down (x4)

[puff daddy]
lookin theys bullets h-t guerillas
expressions can mean a lot to my stressin and progressin
you guessin i seen a lot
the papers got it stressin and impressin
we spin a lot
confessions get us blessins from the lord
we sin a lot
wonderin “will he let me in or not?”
i’s still tryin ta find a reason why
because i’m a bad boy
they wanna label me a bad guy
who am i?

[bizzy bone]
it’s p diddy m-th-f-cka

[puff daddy]
do or die?

[bizzy bone]
don’t give a f-ck motherf-cker

two strikes no chicken types
it’s the type he bucks ammunition,
(pistol shots) buck, bucks ammunition baby
he’s got the flavour the kind that got me still down
run around me watch the hill down
so buck the best i’m hear now
yes, best neva gone
fresh out the foster home
if i had a just talked to the psychiatrist
tell him my head is just blow with a sciness
can’t you come ride with me? come ride with me?
bubbye me with a gun
slide the weed and rum
come get high wit me
you don’t talk weed wit me, bizzy bone
you don’t leave me anymore
leave me b-tch, sh-t i’ve slept on the floor (ha ha ha)
who dat left before? blackout tears the stackhouse
criminals, detention aren’t they always bad
when i’m thinkin dem (come on) doctor?

[chorus x4]

incetiest, hiddyest, grittiest, sh-ttiest
in the club smack the prettiest in a mini
grittiest beef in with the mistress
diddy the city i pitty with little kids picking up pennys
and n-gg-s i thought i brought up with selling book for a living
making minimum wage like confetti, it’s gotta be a mistake
y’all oughta don’t tell us and it’s just those seven elements
don’t tell us it’s those seven elements
dippin on in our lips for money and it don’t land upon that
we ready like 45 scripture [yea]
make money like that, n-gg-, you know what i’m sayin

[puff daddy]
see what you n-gg-s do to me i do to you
and if i’m who you came to see then do what you gotta do
we can do it anywhere, right here, right there
and if you sleep turn your dream to a nightmare
n-gg-s gon creep
no sleep til the heat
they lookin at me funny, f-ck a hoe get this money [ha ha ha]
it time for the misfits n-gg-s bring ya clips
boys on my mind
packin bullets from the mines my brothas

[chorus x7]

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