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angelwhore lyrics – desaster


all hail my sisters! be crowned in l-st and let me feel the flame of your pure majesty!

final instinct, so pure, no signs of guild
feel free to please – no f-cking time to waste
magical p-ssion like talking to infinity
internal engine straight ahead to -rg-smic destiny

blood boiling thoughts
a liquid gate eruption
breathing on adrenaline
all flesh in astral unity
please calm down, relax
spread your legs await the axe
stir up all hidden energies
take a bath in purest ecstasy

can’t stand the order from a h-llish sp-wn
(gift or curse) angelcursed (by) angelwh-r-
please set my demons free and get it done
masterslave devil’s plaything

the smell of s-x supreme
evoke the sinner’s dream
the only way to act
come on an join this f-cking pact, to your own -rg-smic destiny

taste this c-ck divine
eternal idol, worship fine
a stream of sacred dreams
await my h-ll supreme
no need for d-mned virginity
just breathe this l-stful secrecy
the reign of sweetest sin
forever it shall win

repeat refrain!

body, mind and soul can’t hide this need! forged in h-llish fire but i will bleed!
d-mned to purest instincts i’m lost! angelwh-r-, sweet angelwh-r- i’m lost!
…this is final infiltration
the womb now bare it’s fine
d-ck addicted queen, my princess rule the night
testosterone explosion
all tasteful fruits are mine
you’re poison brewed in h-llfire
a succubus divine
succubus divine!

welcome back and be sure! you will c-m again and again!

so, chosen c-nts please bow to me! endless insertion vehement supreme!
hail angelwh-r- hail!

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