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angery lyrics – rostok vampires


isolation onward bound
i turn to see the northern lights
behind the wing
horizon turns to black
me and my window
dark clouds surrounding me
horrible awakening
what did i see
horizon turns black
i’m on my window
it’s all so real
schizophrenia is crawling near
soldiers marching
through the streets
another victim is all they need
i never left my room
since jan pallach is dead
he burnt himself to death
a kind of his protest
against the soviet troops
march into the land
sorry man i was not there
to give you my hand
he could not live no more
’cause freedom means war
i myself prefer to…..
in between four walls
i feel so insecure
i feel so afraid
i wish i could live
in a world of psycho ii
where everything is real
and all is so untrue
soldiers are dying in the streets
the blood is all i need
should i leave my room
should i try to kill a cop
or should i burn myself to death
i better do it not
in between four walls
i feel so insecure
i feel so…..

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