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anything will do lyrics – drop alive


it’s the third night in a row
you’re stayin’ home, dunno whatta do
it’s the third night in a row
‘come a long way here just to say “h-llo”
you’d better think before acting
or you could find yourself in h-ll
and you should aim if you’re shooting
before an innocent drops dead

you wanted me to put my hands up
but i did not commit no crime
you keep on telling me to slow down
but i won’t let you stop me
before you talk you’d better stand up
and take a look deep in my eyes
you wanted me to cut my hair down
but now it sweeps the ground

hangin’ out, badly stoned
..i’m gonna get hung up!
tell me whatcha want me to do
say you’re mine, anything will do
now think before asking
i’m not the genie of the lamp
forget about three wishes
just think of one and make it fast

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