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apparently, i’m a p.c. fascist lyrics – propaghandi


some of my otherwise brilliant and productive friends (like scoundrels and their flags) take final refuge in character -ssasinations; hey ignore the issue and deny the relation between our consu
n and brutality. so you can go ahead and roll your eyes and marginalize me/socially penalize me: play on my insecurities. and you can feign ignorance, but you’re not stupid, you’re just selfish.
you’re a slave to your impulse. and i kinda thought we all shared common threads in that we gravitated here to challenge the conventions we’ve been fed by a culture that treats (living, breathin
eling) creatures like (biological) machines. and if you buy that sh-t then how long ’till it’s me who serves as your commodity? through (for example), inst-tutionalized violence and oppression o
kers and women raped by s-xism (and how about native americans?). do you still insist on feigning indignance (aka: indignation) to reason? to collective self-interest? tell you what- i’ll call y
your sh-t, please call me on
mine. then we can grow together and make this sh-t-hole planet better in time. so why not consider someone else: stop consuming animals.

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