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april fool lyrics – zutons


it was a wonderful night
and the stars shone bright in the evening
and the silence scouted
you could hear the cats and dogs are breathing

i was out to see a friend for a few
it didn’t occur to me
the unknown frightening truth

all the lights are off from the houses
n-body at home tonight
everybody’s gone out dancing
some will get an early night

i check my phone for changes
and make sure i’m not late
i’m still on time
down town for a date

she had a doll-like face
and a smile that you would steal for
and a scent that drew in men from miles away
she had a silver tongue
and a knowledge worth for dressing
and a killer set of legs that paved the way

but deep in the back of her head now
she had a funny kind of disease
she always made the men her victim
and always said “thank you, please”

then when she opened her mouth now
“hey, it’s nice to see you again”
we were drinking more
we’re laughing like old friends

she had a mystery
and a secret that would hold you
she could hypnotise
and keep you in her reach

she had a radar range
that kept a safe web around her
and secret eyes
that were drilled in the back of her ears

she always acted interested
pretended she was having fun
but deep down in her darkened heart now
she was looking out for number one

i said: “would you like another?”
she smiled and gave her gl-ss to me
what she had in store, was a trick i could not see

i go to the bar
put my order in and wait there
when i come out back
she was nowhere to be seen

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