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are you ready for freddy lyrics – fat boys


ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
(fred, fred, fred, freed)
fred krueger is the name
you know my gain
elm street is the place you got the time
listen to this, your busta rhyme
yo, yo, fred krueger is the man
it doesn’t matter when you sleep, do you understand?
so sit back we are going to busta rhyme
so hold your hard, it’s krueger time
it’s time for freddy
you don’t know yet
you’re gonna find out why
freddy, fred, yeah, freddy, fred
fred, freddy, freddy, fred, fred
ha, ha, ha, ha
so my advise to you is to stay ready
’cause you know who’s back? freddy
so when you go to sleep in bed
do not scream if you wake up dead

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