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artificial lamb lyrics – evangelista


tonight i rode her broken back – blackest fur we were so
small but i sat up so straight and tall – the lamb she
squeaked on thru the night, bravely crossing against the
lights, landing me mechanically. she laid her front legs
down as if to pray and her eye spinning around made her
appear and disappear. new york’s another speck in her
eye. everyone feels so sweet and high here…the highest
oh lord in the sky. on that back of wooly metal over
bridges and tracks we made our little way to get me what
i want. i wanna be near you, oh darling oh darling dear.
i feel like god here but i’ll go when you want. just say.
i’m so gone up darling oh darling dear, but i wish my
fancy lamb were here. she says: on each of my hands i
wear shiny red rings bent on my front knees and trying to
sing but i’m drunk now babe and my fur’s made of carpet,
eyes of gl-ss… i’m metal i’m metal. i’m an automating
thing. oh darling dear oh darling dear, i’ll be hiding
inside til the earth disappears. look inside my cracked
eye, you’ll see planets! oh darling dear oh darling dear,
i’m going with you and i’m going to bring the lamb.

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