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as am i lyrics – matt reed

i don’t have time to be emotional
i don’t have any thought as far as emotions go
man i done seen to many roller coast my life has been a nightmare like hero and note my urges uncontrollable
n-gg-s wanna diss like promotional
i see you out it’s such diff story though
as i push the f-ckin holy ghost doesn’t matter if it’s runnin when i’m in a diff city i hear you n-gg-s dissin
just make sure you come with it if you jab then stay persistent cause i mayweather the whole fight
the tactician drop a bomb on your whole life
i’m that vicious diced control as i roll dice
everyone’s a critic see they talkin like they lived it
never pushed it to the limit if i never blow
just know that i’m in this b-tch till the end in i’m in this b-tch and swimming
like a newborn
crew strong
hearts never healed like a shoehorn
life is full of options im a hot topic
you other n-gg-s lukewarm
my brother just feel this sh-t in my spirit
you know k!ll with the lyrics you know i can give them vibes too
you can’t do what i do
i’m the god high connected with vibrations
back home yeah i do it for the angels waitin
precise when i’m in the lab i doc the patients
i’m unsigned see i love it when you still a cated
that just let me know your source of inspiration
that just let me know your spot for the taken
that just let me know i’m destined to be greatness
that’s just confirmation when i’m overthinking
contemplating creating like is this really good enough
who cares about the numbers that you puttin up
ima catch you slippin when your foot is up
blood makes you realitive
but not to trust
plus love will get you k!lled
and i don’t need the love
i been have my stripes like an adidas club
kickin flava like fifa
n-gg-s want the smoke i got the flava no keisha
stole sh-t from my doctor was depressed i had to re up
pain inside my chest from the struggle hard keep up
f-ck it im the leader gotta do it for the people
man plus the haters love to see you look defeated
screwin roof doin tunes like in para lethal
separate and elevate like pairin eagles
comes to the point like theres people where there’s several million people like they use as a reference and they hope you take it deeper then your predesscors
and you amped up from the vibes and then you pro possessive
any l’s given to me those were just lesson
any l’s given to you those were just a lesson
when you want perfection
i just hope you take me as i am
doin this sh-t for substance i don’t do it for the gram
i just hope you take me as i am
doin this sh-t for substance i don’t do it for the gram

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