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as good as you lyrics – far too jones


i want to be just as good as you
i want to just do the things you do
but i don’t know where to go
i think i might have slipped when you came around
you never told me when to run, so here i come again

everything is fine
everyone will live on time
through these limbs i watched you climb
when will i be as good… as good as you

i want to get right up next to you
i just want to breathe the breath you do
i wanna make the lies come true
did it get too hard to hang around?
please let me up, i’ve had enough
so won’t you let me be now


did i waste my time trying to find a way to be like you
i’d love to see you now
but you’re hard to find
would i kick, kill, i’d lie and steal to be…


everything, everything is fine
everyone will, you will live on time
someday i know i’ll finally find a way…
when will i be as good… as good as you

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