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astray in eternal night lyrics – evoken


woeful wraith, obscured in veils of stalking night
once again, reliving the final fragments of a bygone dream
too long, you have languished in this desolate place
perdition of your soul, suffer now forevermore
with a glance that turned my heart’- blood to frost
she descended each stair with unearthly grace

the dust-ridden scent of abandoned tombs, like perfume
awakened by an unrevealed longing, perhaps to live again
free from the pains of mortality, the vast unknown
the frail dreams of life buried deep beneath the confinements of earth

sleep again, restless eidolon
return to non-existence, tranquillity in the silence of coffins
your eyes of misted gl-ss
mesmerise and who but i drawn forward
lost in a reverie of tears

with a voice long forsaken
a promise of eternal bliss was spoken
turning away from that aura of coldest intent
for i saw nothingness: a blackest chasm of despair
and yet i still covet thee

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