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at night lyrics – manast ll’


[intro : savanna talk]

[hook: manast ll’]
at night x3
when i think about her
at night yeah
at night x3
when i’m not sober
at night yeah
drinkin’ lean
molly and henny
with the weed
yeah yeah x2
at night x3
when i’m not sober
at night

[verse: manast ll’]
at night
i want my tata right now yeah
at night
paulina gaitan on me f-ck her right now
or give me dreezy now
we gon’ ride till its night time
tell these ratchets just to pull up at tha night live
no hard feelings baby i want my bad gyals yeah
yeah yeah
when i’m waved x2
surf on the p-ssy d-mn she try to behave
last show oh
my n-gg- broke his ankle for the love
oh my
had the crowd very wild super wild
live time
tell these people if y’all don’t trust to p-ss by
if you n-gg- don’t trust f-ck sh-t p-ss by

[bridge: manast ll’]
l and l’ we play no games
don’t do no games
you dig ? x2
if i’m locked cuatro might catch your main
and f-ck your name
my plugs might kill your plugs
bout to make it rain you dig ?

[hook: manast ll’]

[verse: anna]
seems too easy
i want you to believe me
at night at night
think about you
and i feel i’m losing all control
its surreal its amazing
how you touch my soul
at night at night

[hook: manast ll’ & anna]

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