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broken language lyrics – chance connor



aye x8

broken language in your open -n-s haha
twenty-two years in the making
takin’ over for the twenty one eight it’s the
yup.. tell’ em


call me the minnesota winter soldier spitter flower
rapper it doesn’t matter my sh-t’s the coldest
the sickest poet quick-witted acquit opponents
but i don’t quit come get a glimpse of the big cojones
the notepad toe-taggin’ bloke wit the dope rap
post-trap i’m the “snowman” wit c-ke stashed
a close match to the g.o.a.t. and i don’t practice
the most voted to drop out notice i’ve no cl-ss
i’m the flow master hoe smacker no slacker
turnin’ rappers to ghosts and i go “casper?”
movie maker dude wit the rude behavior
a nuisance but only to humans the new creator
i’m a deity overwatch universal scenery
the mean emcee most high and i don’t smoke the greenery
chief of the tribe speaker of rhymes mind reader
a fine leader define divine timekeeper
i’m either the top dropper or the drop topper
plot stopper abstract thoughtz father
john connor but a lot stronger the loch monster
i’m not talkin’ to talk i do not converse
the silent -ss-ssin defiant to fashion the eye of the dragon
in hindsight tyrant in action a side of p-ssion
i’m very rare takin’ names kickin’ derriere
in my scary lair you get buried there ha
you know my steelo big ego from the ground below
the antihero i’m magneto
the script flipper ray ban wig splitter
the hangman and you guessed it you’re the stick figure
i’m so tired of these flow biters wit no priors
give them an open they chokin’ the whole cypher
no suprise there i keep it lit as mood candles
a brute vandal wearin’ new flannel and some used sandals
the solo snappin’ like a photo
and my foes know when my mic gadget go go
the dream sequel i don’t breathe and i bleed diesel
i’m not your average mc the answer to e equals
the fact checker and i backhand back peddlers
act better or get rollin’ yeah fred durst
cause when i’m mad turn a man into transgender
it’s abstract hashtag that and forever

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