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cadillac one lyrics – g.b.h.

as black as an oil slick, as tough as they come
it’s parting the m-sses, blocks out the sun
beefed up on hurt, gung ho and proud
suits, shades and outriders survey the crowd
it’s got the power to drop the bomb
you hear a rumble then it’s gone
he could blow us all to kingdom come
there ain’t no doubt he’s his daddys son
i wanna get a ride in cadillac one
don’t slow at tollbooths or stop at red lights
plays chicken with the bad boys and gives ’em a fright
heading down the highway to justice of a kind
retribution alley, an armor plated mind
with your war wagon rolling, fueled on your spite
you didn’t listen to the nation but still think you’re right
i hear a knocking on the doors of perception
you sound like a fool words of m-ss deception

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