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cliche lyrics – retard-o-bot

yo.yo.yo.uh. yeah. yo. yo. word.yo.
hey. is this thing on? (yo) can’t hear nothing.
hey my boy engineer, turn that sh-t up.yo, ya hear what he’s saying?
yo engineer (engineer) turn my sh-t up (turn my boy’s sh-t up!)
turn his headphones up motherf–ker, he can’t hear that sh-t. uh. uh.

step the f–k back, but then go blahhh
me and my crew, yo, we do it like that
but a cap back, but we’ll be back
all ya’ll r-t-rds be layin out flat
gold and platinum, i got that sh-t
spendin cash, yo, i do that sh-t
chromin’ rims yo, i got that whip
brain and a whip from a dime -ss b-tch
can’t play in mine, yo, my rhymes is whack
i f–ked your b-tch, and she sucked my d-ck
slangin sh-t, yo, and that be a fact
f–k with my sh-t you’re rockin crack

head and seed im crystal cold
f–k more b-tches than i am years old
yound and rich and rollin hard
charging sh-t to my platinum card
come in hard now spread that sh-t
my d-cks the size of a battleship
a bulletproof, 8 ship change
b-mpin in the srop top head with brain
triple beamin all night long
got knocked off but i came back strong
guns and gas i gotta have that sh-t
hoes and b-tches, yo i love that sh-t
fararr, jaguar and limo stretch
brain and whip, yo i love that best
step up b-tch i’ll knock you down
b-tch you know that i run this town

i get head, brain and a bl-w j-b too
i proly gets more brain then you
everytime i go cruisin down the strip with my family
i get brain and a whip
frankly, im tired of all ya’ll n-gg-hs talkin sh-t behind my back
that sh-t whack
im finnda pull out my strap, cut it back, and bust a cap up in yo -ss n-gg-h

take that b-tch. yeah.

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