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do you love me lyrics – michael ball


don’t give me mountains that i can’t climb
don’t give me water, you could give me wine
don’t give me the sun if it won’t shine
give me love, give me love
don’t give me sand, it slips through my fingertips
why kiss my cheek, you could kiss my lips
don’t give me words that don’t mean a thing
give me love, give me love

you say you’ll never love again
love has caused you all the pain
i say come this way and see what i’ll give you

i’ll give you love, i’ll give you love
don’t give me an ocean, i can’t swim
don’t play games, i just can’t win
don’t give me it all, to take away
give me love, give me love

say you need me
say you want me
it’s not that hard
all that you’ve got to do is reach out and give me love
and give me love

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