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dollar and a dream lyrics – blitz the ambassador


the year is ’95 and i’m sittin’ in the vibe
still reclinin’, listenin’ to biggs ready to dying
i was only thirteen, my mind and my dream
memorizing every verse with the best of my teen
we gon’ rock it, match it, the jackets with the round leather
yo, who would hate thought it was 90 degree weather?
and i cried segregada, one more time for the honor
got on stage, hopped in the truck shaw
the only way i stayed was the reason for the freedom that i crave
momma bangin’ on my door, askin’ jesus, can you save him?
she could have sworn i lost my mind
all alone in my room, spittin’ rhyme after rhyme
of the vine, of the only achieve what is to come
the joy is so amazing, like the greater of the sun
look at me now, never end those games for the glory
just a case i’m africa, here to tell my story
all i had was a dollar and a dream, all i ever had was a dollar and a dream

the year is 2000 and 5, new york city, open mikes’ where i earn my stripes
? with a stack of cds in my night stack
boosted the ? parallel had to handle
changed streets, i met my man james john
told me we can get these lames on, hustle hard
late nights on the h, playing the smell that would leave you nauseous
hang a pistol everywhere, to h-ll with being cautious

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