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dominant freestyle lyrics – murs


i’m hyperactive-you twice the f-ggot to bite a fat p-n-s//
mine; imagine you wrapping ur lips around it to make me splat quick//
fine; you have long hair and pretty nails//
but that does not exclude this dude into proving the
fact he’s not really male//
i’ll fill him well-with a hundred buckets of wombat s-m-n//
you wanna fight me cause you don’t like me more that
likely-right? good cause it’s combat season//
i was a lost cause-kicked in the nuts and had to get gauzed b-lls//
downed a 5th of tall paul and the nurse left the room with glossed jaws//
she said it wasn’t consentual-oh well i was into you//
tried to spit in you-leave you with a kid or two-then get rid of you//
i was doin 85 on a mountain bike//
drunk, saw a couple of cops-tried to sober up and down some sprite//
but i’m goin out tonight more or less imma clown and fight//
and it’s a thousand dikes in the light and they all gone down my pipe//
i don’t care if you lick cl-t, eat tush and don’t wear lipstick//
i got a big p-n-s so swallow me whole til ur lips turn
blistered stiff bia// -reply if you dig it-

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