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dominus ad mortem lyrics – ravage red


[verse 1]
blessed is everything that makes me f-cking sick
i f-cked the holy ghost and came inside its cyst
i am the patron saint of ignorance and bliss
bow down on your knees and take my commandments

i do not see you
i do not hear you
keep telling me you’re real
i do not feel you
i do not fear you
you don’t own my life

you do not know me
you do not own me
i discard my faith

[verse 2]
f-ck you and your cross, i am no longer your b-tch
i spent far too long under your holy list
the guilt you placed upon me is completely sh-t
i am my own god; don’t need requirements

[verse 3]
take off your crown of thorns and feed your stupid face
baptized in p-ss, taken out of the race
no more your sheep, i now rule the flock
unload the magazine, suck bullets like a c-ck

i hope it hurt
when you hung
i hope it hurt
for all you’ve done
i hope it hurt
upon the cross
you deserve it all

[verse 4]
i am the stigmata that rests inside your skin
i am the tears from all molested kin
i am the seven deadly sins you grew to hate
i am tired of the sh-t spewed from your faith

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