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driving to la lyrics – nicólas soul


a million dreams up in my mind
driving to cali, pacific time
way too much pride
to admit this could be do or die
do or die yeah

me and my girl did the dash
left our hometown
trying to find fame and cash
i was steady plotting
with my n-gg-s on the low
trying to make sense out of a game
we didn’t know
need my lil break
like my life interluding
a 9 to 5 job
just don’t sound amusing
trying to see the tour life
like that n-gg- lil uzi
so now we on the highway
and we steady cruising
i just see optimism in her eyes
i know chasing fame is a brand new high
we still young
dreaming of paradise
but i hope hollywood don’t ruin my life
we just wanna live in the mansions
make good music
and explore our f-cking p-ssions
i just wanna be the next michael
and f-ck the game up
makes waves like tidal
i swear this dream
this dream is just too good to be true
but i been sleeping on myself
because before i knew they knew
and my girl gave me a clue
said i love you, chase this sh-t
so i hopped into the booth
and gave you soul with every hit

outro verse
put ya right hand on the bible
swear on everything on you love
i don’t even trust tomorrow
so right now is what it was
oh right now i need your love
right now i need you faithful
you the type of girl to love me
you the type of girl i pray for
feel that beat in my chest
heart racing, going loco
when i look in ya eyes
everything moves in slow mo
everything in slow mo
you swear you’re in love
but right now is a no no

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