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eat rich lyrics – busdriver


(look out!)
oh shoot!

i’m so hungry, man, i could the rich
eat, eat, eat the rich

check me out

things are looking good, but i can’t mess with your hair though
ergo, the ladder climb is an air show
but thank god you like i’m f-cking with that hood sh-t
and treat me like you think i wrote up the instruction booklets
the instruction booklets, the instruction booklets
cause of my home, the hammers pop
but your selfies look like glamour shots
before that endorphin high, i take orders like george takei
and scorch the sky, poor guy, i’m a horse fly and that’s because

let’s eat, kenny
celebrate a little bit
let us not eat them
celebrate if you eat, n-gg-

on high booty cheeks, y’all are thieves
swallow new acts, how to rap
don’t let them style with child proof caps
you there? i’m a rough approximation of type a
and type b at a dice game in a white tee with a nice chain
and snarky web presence you can’t turn up in a text message
without at least a million video views
watch the millennials brood
make sense of it all, there’s diamonds in the loaves of bread
i’m looking for ’em in the hood like a floating head
like a floating head, like a– like a floating head
my dinner prayers meant for an asteroid wake
i’m reading that sh-t from a fat boy’s tape
i’m still eating, n-gg-, but it’s all soy-based

let’s eat, kenny
that’s right
perfect hair

kenny segal’s drums are like he’s dropping desks
your whole life’s a hot mess, i confess, we got that aquafresh

that’s tight

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